Heroes or Villains

Black casual shoes standing at the crossroad making decision good or bad.

Every day, stories of villains dominate traditional and social media. Yes, we need to be informed, but at what cost? What struck us about last week’s tip on the “amazing” Grace Hopper is that neither of us had ever heard of her.

Yet, almost everyone knows Alex Jones, a blowhard criminal claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax AND making money off the families whose children were murdered. Constantly featuring villains like Jones graphically demonstrates how easily the first amendment can be abused. And somehow, the fans of villains feel their leaders are being persecuted.

Consider this when you speak. Although we advocate including a challenge or obstacle to begin a story or client anecdote—it is only for the purpose of engaging the audience. Then move on to positive solutions, insights and remedies.

We need to spotlight the creative geniuses, seminal artists and heroes who advance our civilization-- not feature those who foment violence and disorder. Let’s commit to honoring the better angels who walk among us.

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