Highly Overrated

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New Year’s resolutions are on many of our to-do lists. When you consider improving your speaking and presenting skills, please eliminate any version of perfect-- it’s highly overrated and a recipe for disappointment. Being flexible and nimble is far more valuable and achievable. The mighty oak breaks in a storm, but the supple willow bends and thrives.

To bring in the New Year on an inspiring note, watch the documentary Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice. Ronstadt was one of the finest singers of our generation, and the film shows how she built her career brick by brick. Interestingly enough, after recording five platinum albums, Ronstadt turned her back on huge stadium venues. Instead, she performed the Pirates of Penzance on Broadway; assembled and toured with Mexican musicians, later recording Canciones de Mi Padre; and released an album of Frank Sinatra standards. Although record label executives vehemently argued against breaking a successful formula, she proved them wrong and excelled every time.

Ronstadt’s approach to each style of music was to find the core of the song, then shape it to her voice and interpretation. She wasn’t looking for perfection, just her best version. That’s our wish for you in 2020. Find your approach, your voice, and your interpretation of the material. Even if your firm has constructed the content or PowerPoint, you can present it with your insights and personal style that will make it sing. Happy 2020.

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