Hooked on a Feeling

Slow motion of actors and actresses bowing to audience in a theater

CBS Sunday Morning recently covered the Young at Heart choir. It was founded 38 years ago and the members’ average age is 85. The focus of the piece was about being creative at an advanced age and the thrill of live performing. Singing in front of an audience gives the choir members joy and extends their useful lives. They are performing live again after 16 long months in isolation.

Is this joy limited to seniors? Broadway* is finally re-opening and the actors are thrilled. Performer LaChanze said that “it’s the connection” they all miss, the exchange of energy that happens only in live venues.

We wish the same for you. That you experience the bracing charge when audiences are excited by your ideas, your content and your delivery. This feedback can inspire you to go outside yourself and do even better than you imagined. And when you are monitoring the audience, you will know when you’re ‘on’ and when you need to ‘modify’, just as Broadway actors do performing 8 shows a week. And when you feel that palpable connection and energy, you’ll seek that feeling again and again. You’ll be hooked.

*Give yourself a lift. Watch a video set to the song New York State of Mind at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1icTIQC91Xs.

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