Hope Springs Eternal

Spring is a dicey time here in northern New Mexico. With higher temperatures, the ground has warmed, trees and plants are in bud and some are already in full bloom. Yet this week saw lows in the 20’s and snow is still on the mountain peaks. If delicate blossoms are exposed to freezing temps, entire fruit crops can be destroyed. Yet nature persists; each year buds return in hope of bearing leaves and fruit.

Recently, a client expressed his disappointment because he presented to a tough crowd and felt that he had failed, as well as embarrassed himself. We did our best to have him reframe his ‘perceived’ failure. Speaking is an odds game, and even with the best skills, talent and preparation, at times you will stumble. But you can’t let it beat you.

Include the hope of spring in your professional toolkit. Stage fright can be diminished—if not eliminated with practice and skill. Accents can be reshaped with exercises. Command presence can be acquired. And you can become the speaker others look up to who owns the room. If your presentation withers, generate another one and give it your best. Eventually, your efforts will bear fruit. We promise.

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