How to Cope

At 19, Singer Amanda Mammana reached the semifinals of America’s Got Talent. When she first introduced herself, her stutter was so pronounced that she could barely manage it. But not when she sang. Amanda said “I discovered that when I sing, I don’t stutter.”

In the film The King’s Speech, King George VI was ascending the throne, but acutely stuttered. His coach, Lionel Logue, suggested swearing when the condition surfaced. It worked.

Many of us are plagued by fear-demons, telling us what we can’t do. Unless we discover a coping mechanism, they win. Our client Saja let an introvert nature rule her until she owned her enjoyment of connecting with an audience. Saja was recently voted Group Leader of the Year in her business organization.

The key is leveraging what you have, rather than attempting to be someone else. When we recognize that our differences are strengths, the world opens up, especially when you speak. Whether it’s running a business meeting, socializing at a networking event or delivering a presentation, you want to present your material through your own unique lens. Seek out the wrinkles in your behavior and use them to your advantage.

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