Vector illustration of human head on starry space background. Artificial intelligence or cosmic consciousness

Last week, we extolled the merits of infusing your presentations with creativity and unique insights. Use machine learning systems to perform mundane tasks, but employ your strongest asset, imagination, when it counts.

Many studies, including one from the Dept. of Psychology and Neuroscience at Colorado University found that imagining an act can activate and strengthen regions of the brain involved in real-life execution. This imagining can actually improve performance. Before an event, Olympians focus on imagining their routines. Injured athletes who can’t train imagine their moves and make their downtime productive. Even pianists boost neuronal signals connected to the fingers by imagining playing.

Speakers with vivid imaginations experience greater brain changes when they simulate content in their mind’s eye. That’s why we have our clients rehearse their material by taking on the persona of Pavarotti or Beyonce, an alien, or Vegas comic. This loosens them up, gives them more energy and expands their range of gestures and physicality. Spark your imagination-- not just when you rehearse, but when creating your content. Humans one, machines zero.

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