A small crowd of people with a bored expression sitting in stadium seats at a game or some other type of event. Frank Fanelli, Zoya vincent, vana vincent,Kyle YOung, MIchael Vincent, Jaqueline Imfeld, Jalani Elliot, Praveen Mysore, Alana Pahku, Stacy Brinagh, Madeline Feldman, LIsette Tran, Alina Solovyova-Vincent, Darren Mower, Katherine Moffet, Andrey Popov

At the 2024 Golden Globes, fashion was the only standout. The tables were so close together that few award winners could efficiently navigate to the stage.

Even worse, the main stage was very close to celebrities seated in the audience, which unnerved both presenters and award winners.

The host Jo Koy mumbled through dull patter, often repeating, “this is an intimidating house” which became a running theme. One nervous winner said “yeah, intimidating” and spun around 360 degrees before leaving the stage.

In live settings, you can feel your audience staring at you. In Zoom sessions, you will also face the equivalent of celebrities being close-up and personal. Maintaining your equilibrium is key.

Know that audiences want you to be good and give them something of value that piques their interest or entertains them. And as a presenter, you don’t have the luxury of self-monitoring, which will derail you. Laugh at intimidation. Make your gestures open and receptive. Wade into the arena and enjoy the challenge.

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