Jazz Redux

International jazz day and World Jazz festival. Saxophone, music instrument played by saxophonist player musician in fest.

Jazz is back. A purely American musical form, jazz suffered from enthusiasm for hip-hop, rap and other pop music. But quality never dies. Music critic and musician Ted Gioia says that young musicians, like saxophonist Kendrick Lamar are returning to jazz because it’s an antidote to formulaic music. “This is not the sound of your grandad's supper club. Today's jazz has been hybridized, globalized and … turbocharged" Gioia said.

Gioia tells people to listen to jazz because “you'll hear something one night that will never happen again. That's rare in any culture, but particularly in ours today where so much is built on repetition and formula.”

We couldn’t imagine a more inspiring message and prescription for speakers. For years, we’ve struggled against formulaic business pitches, PowerPoint and elevator speeches. Because whenever speakers are unwilling to break the mold, their presentations remain out-of-date, boring and forgettable.

When it’s your turn to speak, immerse yourself, and like any jazz musician, riff on a theme or deliver a colorful insight. And because you are in the moment, inspiration will come to you. Then your creativity can gain strength and drive the rest of your presentation. Your talk will capture the audience through innovation and your swinging style.

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