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The TV biopic Nyad features distance swimmer Diana Nyad, culminating in her successful, yet controversial swim from Cuba to Florida in 2013. This was Nyad’s fifth attempt, took fifty-three hours and she was sixty-four years old. Remarkable. It reminded us of another naiad, our friend Wendy Boglioli, who in 1976 was a member of the US Women’s Olympic swim team.

The East German team had shut out Americans in every individual swimming event. (The Germans were later proven to have taken anabolic steroids.) Boglioli swam the second leg of the 4x100 relay and pulled within a stroke of the German. With extraordinary guts, the American team not only won, they set a new world record. Their gold medal team is in the Olympic Hall of Fame. (*)

There are those among us who consistently rise above every challenge, injustice, and prejudice to become champions. Today, Boglioli is an inspirational speaker, role model and trainer of young athletes.

If speaking to larger audiences is on your 2024 accomplishment list, emulate Boglioli. Train. Be diligent. Train some more. And focus on the basics. Then use Intention as your guiding light. Boglioli was determined to be the best swimmer she could be. Now she is the epitome of a true Olympian, a model human being and a recognized person of influence. You can too.

(*) Watch the documentary “The Last Gold” on Amazon Prime for their remarkable story.

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