R.I.P. Kobe Bryant - Basketball with angel wings and glory. NBA legend, The world is in shock as news of Kobe Bryant’s death spread 2020 January 26th. Kobe Bryant was 41.

The loss of legend Kobe Bryant was a shock and a tragedy. After retiring from basketball with the LA Lakers, Bryant threw himself into new projects including founding the Mamba Sports Academy and creating Granity Studios, a multimedia company focused on telling sport stories. In 2018, the short film Bryant wrote and narrated, Dear Basketball won an Oscar and Emmy.

When Bryant began working in the film industry, he was frustrated at how long it took to complete projects. Still, he realized this was all part of the process. Author Mark Medina wrote a USA Today article about his last interview with Bryant. “Bryant did not view these benchmarks as milestones. He viewed them as pitstops. Just like it took time for Bryant to blossom in the NBA during his first few seasons, he seemed to think about his newest profession through the same lens.”

When you launch a new phase or career, be as intentional as Bryant. Start with the fundamentals and practice daily, knowing that attaining mastery is a steady accrual of skills. Record yourself rehearsing, and like a pro athlete, watch your videos. Improve that “person you send out” and like Bryant, you too will develop the Mamba Mindset *.

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