La Cucaracha

Image of cockroaches arrested.The charges against ,Mr cockroaches, invading the home kitchen. concept protection against termites, cockroaches, fleas, agricultural pests.

Of the 4,200 species of cockroaches, only thirty are attracted to and reside with humans. These insects, who are 320 million years old breed rapidly and adapt to chemicals. Knowing these pesky critters are nearby creates fear, revulsion and is a great analogy for what most people experience with stage fright.

Over 90% of speakers suffer from anxiety. Even those who think they have conquered it contact us when it reappears, sometimes years later. Like cockroaches, it’s been around forever. Those who have managed speaker anxiety rise to the top of their field, making others wonder how they’re so resilient.

There is no reason to spend your life with this cockroach in your kitchen. When you speak, have a clear intention of what you want to accomplish. Tell yourself that your mission is more important than your fear. Do deep breathing exercises before an important presentation. Speak regularly in low ante environments, always challenging yourself to take risks. Dedicate yourself to stomping out this worrisome creature.

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