Long Arc

Street sign named after Willie Nelson, famous Texan musician, guitar player, song writer, singer. What was once 2nd street downtown Austin, Texas, is now Willie Nelson Blvd. Beautiful setting on a tree lined street with hip, cool, luxurious shopping. Shot with Nikon D700 and Nikon 80-200 lens.

This musical artist began performing at age ten in a Czech polka band and worked odd jobs until he established himself as a songwriter in Nashville.

Success as a performer didn’t come until his mid-forties. Then he hit the road, averaging over one hundred live dates every year. He has recorded thousands of songs, but here’s the kicker—since 2000, he has recorded thirty-six albums of new material. At eighty-nine, he’s still touring and performing. That is one very long arc of a life and career.

With good fortune, mental fortitude, and being able to bounce back from injury or disease, you too may have a long arc like Willie Nelson’s. And it may not be in your current position or business. But there is immense value in sharing your talent and wisdom as you gather tree rings and experiences. If you’re young, take time to look ahead and imagine who you want that person to be and what you can give.

When you speak, deliver the stories and insights that you own and can express like no one else. The first step toward building your long arc is to determine your purpose. We have many young clients; giving to them energizes and delights us. Live long and prosper.

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