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An episode of The Crown-- which features the British royal family, focused on Mohamed Al-Fayed (father of Dodi Fayed who dated Princess Diana). Al-Fayed pitched owners of the Ritz to buy the Parisian hotel. Although he offered more than any other bidder, his offer was rejected. Al-Fayed expressed his disappointment and begins to leave.

When asked back to the negotiating table, he passionately relates how he loves the venerable hotel and the pride it would give him to restore the property to its former glory. Forty-three years later, Mou-Mou (Al-Fayed) still owns the hotel-- a jewel in the billionaire’s portfolio.

Later in the episode, after Mou-Mou hires Sydney Johnson, King Edward’s former valet, emotion again takes center stage. Sydney tells Mou-Mou that Villa Windsor has fallen into ruin after Edward’s death, yet it holds many happy memories, as well as iconic pieces of art. Mou-Mou is moved by Sydney’s story and spends $14.4 million to renovate the villa.

There are two on buttons in humans; novelty and surprise to engage the mind, and emotions to make the listener experience what you are feeling. When employing either, being genuine is essential, but using emotion has the most power in decision-making. Without emotion, the on button stays off.

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