Nature’s Balm

Autumn in the Canadian Rockies is exquisite. The mountains are decorated with layers of deciduous trees in breathtaking shades of rust, gold and bronze. The chill and dawn light makes you feel more alive, refreshed and grateful.

In harvest season, agrarian societies gather bounty from their labors and express gratitude for surviving the summer. Even if you don’t farm, COVID has been a long, hot summer, along with unsettled weather and a roiling stock market. You may have to cherry-pick, but should be able to find some wins that make you feel in sync with harvest season.

Let the intense fall light affect your perspective and the cooler temps quicken your step, as well as lighten your mood. If you tune into the organic nature of autumn, it will reconnect you with your internal seasons. Your speaking will reflect this altered state, renewed energy, and reservoir of gratitude.

p.s. We took this photo last week at Pyramid Lake outside of Jasper, BC.

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