Nerds Rule

Football helmet and ball with play strategy drawn on a background chalk board with copy space.

When you look at Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp, he isn’t that impressive: 6’2” and 208 lbs. Why did he win the Most Valuable Player for Superbowl LVI? Because nerds rule!

Kupp’s determination to be the best is nothing short of miraculous. He turned a tennis court on his Portland property into a barn/football science lab. He fitted it with machines that measured his movement options, speed* and everything that might improve his game.

Kupp also sought out experts in sports performance to develop a smarter workout routine. He would go on to lead the NFL in 145 receptions; 1,947 receiving yards; and 16 touchdown catches. Kupp used his restless, inquisitive mind to become a champion.

Speaking is no different than training for an athletic endeavor-- just less painful. If you want to up your game, take a page from Kupp’s playbook. Methodically analyze your strengths and weaknesses, develop a game plan, and go to work.

If you don’t like your voice, change it. The same applies to physical gestures, movement and command presence. Record yourself to see how you actually move and speak. Work towards authenticity and exuding confidence. Schedule presentations to incorporate new skills. It took Cooper Kupp years, but now he’s the best in football. Call upon your inner nerd and become the MVP in your field.

*Data revealed that Kupp reached maximum velocity sooner than most elite receivers—closer to 25 yards down field, or roughly five yards faster than the norm.

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