New Brain

Scientists today debate neurogenesis, or whether the brain can generate new cells. But one thing is certain. If you challenge your brain to learn new skills, synapses fire more quickly and your brain is tuned up. It would be wonderful to create brain cells as we age, but at least we can have better functioning mental computers at every stage of life.

The greater the challenge and engagement, the more neurons survive in the brain's hippocampus, which supports learning and memory. As presenters, we owe it to ourselves and our audiences to activate their thinking. The personal benefit to speakers is that we can better recall our material, while audiences are more captivated.

There is a caveat. Clusters of behaviors produce specific results. In this case, if you exercise, have a good diet, challenge and engage yourself, you keep the new brain cells you produce. Eliminate one of those elements and your new brain cells can fade away. May you always be purposeful, novel, and brainy.

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