No Fingerprint

While visiting a Canadian wellness hotel, we passed Bob Won as we entered the Serenity room. It's a quiet space where you can look out over the rolling mountains, and on this morning, watch the snow drift silently down.

But in this stillness, Bob Won is a live wire. He has cleaned at Sparkling Hill for years, always with grace, focus and enthusiasm. He approaches the large picture windows, crouches to adjust his viewing angle, and even uses a flashlight to identify and then remove every fingerprint. He is an Olympian cleaner, totally engaged while fulfilling his duties.

When you prep a presentation, use Bob Won as your model. Your commitment and enthusiasm will positively affect others, and your attention to detail will bring much-appreciated clarity. Never tamp down your enjoyment for your topic. Your upbeat behavior, blended with strong speaking skills is a highly influential package. Like Bob Won, you too will be a conduit to the wonders beyond.

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  1. Eric Barnes says:

    Dear Deborah:

    I would say that Bob is actually living his last name!

    Love, Eric

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