No There There

Wooden singpost with "help, support, advice, guidance" arrows against blue sky.

Anyone who has ever been in an Eloqui training knows the word “help” drives Deborah nuts. We encounter this ubiquitous Band-Aid when people relate what they do in business or their non-profit. Unfortunately, when you use “help” it makes the rest of what you say sound vague and unclear.

What you may not realize is that audiences judge you by your verbs. If you present yourself as a helper, then who is the agent of change? It isn’t one who helps, it is the one who does. Dig deeper and it’s usually the verb that comes after “help” that truly describes what you do.

Even if you are bound by regulations, you can still find a way to illustrate your services or products that has more muscle. Otherwise, you might fall into the “We help our clients help others who can’t otherwise help themselves.” (We’ve actually heard this from a client!) Be the agent of change and let your active verbs and visual descriptors reveal your work in a bold and unique way.

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