Nowhere To Go

The 2017 World Series is a shining example of pure excitement when two teams are evenly matched and the stakes couldn't be higher. In game five, with the Dodgers ahead by four runs, pitcher Clayton Kershaw lost his focus and the Astros scored four runs to tie the game. Still, Kershaw had to face the Astros again in the fifth inning. Alone on the mound, the announcer said "he has nowhere to go." Sure enough, Kershaw put three men on base, and was taken out of the game. It was the shortest time he'd pitched any game all season.

When you commit to speak, you step onto the podium, like a pitcher on the mound. If the presentation doesn't go your way, you have nowhere to go. You don't have the luxury of walking off the stage. But there are more innings in the game. You can recover and be successful.

Pause and breathe. During those precious seconds, regain your center, and draw a line. From this moment forward, tell yourself it's a new game, with no carry-over from the past. Anything is possible in a moment of doubt, if you reassert your commitment, and focus on your intention. Relax into the next moment and infuse it with fresh energy. As you feel the audience warm and return, it will feel even sweeter than if you had never faltered.

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