• <strong>Bradley E. Coomer</strong><br>Relationship Manager, Sr.
    I recently had to re-bid a large ($80 million) hospital relationship. During the presentation, our team was asked to justify the value we brought to this client over the last 5 years. The best way to demonstrate this value was to tell stories. I told the story I crafted in Santa Fe regarding this client’s retired employee who I saw in the airport.

    This rebid was very high profile at OneAmerica. Our CEO, Bill Yoerger received a call the day after our presentation and we kept the business. Without your help, I would never have realized the impact stories can have.
    Bradley E. Coomer
    Relationship Manager, Sr.
    American United Life Insurance Company
  • <strong>Jason Barnaby</strong><br>Field Vice President, Sales Development
    Thank you both for another successful workshop… Not only are you able to model the desired behaviors from the front of the room, but both of you provide spot on, insightful feedback from the back of the room as well. I learn something new each time I spend time in one of your workshops.
    Jason Barnaby
    Field Vice President, Sales Development
  • <strong>Ben Reece</strong><br>CRPS, CFS, Regional Sales Director
    I really wanted to just take a moment to say thank you! I truly enjoyed the time spent last Wednesday working on our team selling/presenting skills. I think we constantly spend plenty of ‘alone time prep’ and not enough ‘team prep’ and plan to take you up on the offer of reaching out occasionally. Thanks again!
    Ben Reece
    CRPS, CFS, Regional Sales Director
Mitch, a sales VP, who was new to OneAmerica, landed a substantial account for the firm. The Board asked him to come to their HQ in Indiana and tell them his secret sauce. This was an important presentation, so Mitch came to Eloqui.

Together, we defined his intention, role, crafted a creative opening and closing. Then we structured his presentation. We took Mitch’s win, and made it into a compelling story. We rehearsed it, showing Mitch how to keep it fresh. His talk was a grand success.

Mitch then referred us into OneAmerica, which began a five-year relationship. We trained customer service teams. They went to their superiors and requested that their counterparts in sales be included. The company sent nearly a hundred OneAmerica folks to the Eloqui Communication Immersion workshop in Santa Fe.

We also delivered our unique Team Presenting module for OneAmerica pairs going into finals presentations, and delivered these trainings around the U.S. Within three months, the company increased their close rate by 20%.

OneAmerica has since acquired two other firms, and is considered a major player in providing retirement services across the country. And Mitch, our Sales VP, is now number one in Sales for OneAmerica.