Ooda Loop

hand writing business decision making process OODA loop Observe Orient Decide Act on clear glass whiteboard isolated

The dire state of international wars, global warming, and political polarization grabs our attention daily. This extreme pressure can interfere with our ability to make clear and rational decisions. So, we searched for a mechanism to keep steady in rough waters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re networking, doing strategic planning, or pitching a new client; use the OODA Loop.

The OODA loop was developed by fighter pilot Colonel John Boyd and provides a decision-making framework. OODA stands for Observation, Orient, Decide and Act.

This technique mirrors the scientific method, as well as foundational training in the theatre. That’s because facing an opponent in an aerial dogfight is similar to being on stage or experiencing speaker anxiety. The solution is to observe your audience, orient on an option, make a decision and act on it.

In a presentation, also consider beats, which are units of action or moments of change. Great presenters constantly alter their timing, speed and cadence to stay ahead of, or engage their audience. When you get the OODA loop into muscle memory, you can adapt in the moment to ensure success.

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