Parasite’s Win

Hollywood, CA/ USA - July 26, 2018: Oscar golden award in a souvenir store on Hollywood Boulevard. Success and victory concept

Last week, the film Parasite won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Foreign Film. Many shook their heads when this dark Korean comedy with subtitles pulled off both wins. But if you look at what has always moved audiences, and what makes for a memorable film, it's not so surprising.

Parasite was originally written as a play, but Bong Joon Ho decided to direct it as a film, retaining its distinct characters and dialogue-- a hallmark of the theatre. Bong was crazy for detail, so he knew what he wanted for every shot, creating a confident atmosphere on the set. Then he hired solid actors and gave them the freedom to improvise.

Bong also captured the mood of the times we live in. He struck a nerve about the gap between rich and poor, and how capitalism feeds class warfare on both sides. Bong's ethos is a model for presenters. As you prepare and structure your presentation, speak to both the challenges and aspirations of your audience. When you do, you will capture your own award.

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