Pay to Play

On a recent trip to Indonesia, we were charmed by the Balinese people. And although tourism is a boon to their economy, we discovered that families still have to pay for their children’s high school education, amounting to $200 per child per year. That’s a hefty sum when yearly earnings average $27k. But the Balinese we met find a way, sometimes working three jobs. They have little choice-- without an education, their best option is working in the rice fields. With an education, their children can work in the hospitality industry and make a decent wage.

How many of us have wasted educational opportunities? From free webinars and podcasts, to live classes, we claim to be too busy or that we can’t afford it-- even when our firm picks up the tab. And while the consequences of turning down education here in the U.S. may not be as dire as in Bali, there is no better way to achieve partner status, rise in our respective fields, or stay current with industry advancements.

We took a scuba refresher in Bali, and the next day’s dive was a blast because we didn’t worry about technique or mechanics. Take a course in an area of interest to you, put the learned skills into practice, and see how it adds to your enjoyment, as well as ensuring your future success.

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