Pretzel Logic

closeup view

Every endeavor has a lexicon, a specific dictionary of terms recognizable in that field. Many are contractions or acronyms, devised for efficiency. However, lexica are a mine field for speakers, especially if you are addressing audiences without your particular knowledge or experience.

Avoid the pitfall of “dumbing it down,” which will offend insiders and bewilder outsiders. Seek to clarify and make your ideas or terms visual, which is the entry into an audience’s heart and mind. When a topic is complex, use simile and metaphor, as in What’s it like? or How can I make them see it? These two directives should be stapled to every speaker’s brain.

The longer version of simile and metaphor is an example that is visual and engages our imagination. Put these brushes and colors into your speaker’s palette to paint vivid word pictures for every talk.

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