Prolacta Bioscience

  • <strong>Scott Eaker</strong><br>Vice President - Quality and Regulatory Affairs
    I am happy to tell you that the presentation was an unqualified success. I could see heads nodding around the room during the talk. My call to action at the end was very well received and, I believe, will drive the results we want to see. The momentum is on our side now.

    My favorite piece of feedback came from a doctor who said, “Safety is such a boring subject, but you really made it dynamic and interesting.”

    Thank you for your invaluable assistance with the presentation, and your very kind words of confidence during our session.
    Scott Eaker
    Vice President - Quality and Regulatory Affairs
    Prolacta Bioscience
  • <strong>Kevan Carman</strong><br>Director - Health Economics and Reimbursement
    I just walked out of one of the most impactful presentations I have ever given. I used some of the techniques we just learned last week, which made it not only informative for my audience, but very fun for me…

    My call to action “close” left them agreeing to build the charge into their charge-master and begin including the charge on their claims. Additionally, they will be meeting with Blue Cross to discuss their request for payment. Good stuff!
    Kevan Carman
    Director - Health Economics and Reimbursement
    Prolacta Bioscience
  • <strong>Scott Elster</strong><br>CEO
    Our presentation went off really, really well! One of the Board members was talking to me at one point and said ‘We watch the body language of your team. We look for levels of commitment and if the team gets along. And he said we were off the charts’.

    It reminded me of what you said-- that those handoffs will demonstrate teamwork and collaboration more than any words. Our management team had tremendous excitement and enthusiasm. They did a great job. You really made a difference. Thank you!
    Scott Elster
    Prolacta Bioscience
We met Scott Elster, CEO of Prolacta Bioscience, six years ago when we presented to his Vistage group. Scott asked us for one-on-one training. He had an important presentation coming up to his Board of Directors.

Scott then hired us to train his entire Senior Management team for the same Board meeting. Because it was a rousing success, we’ve been Prolacta’s go-to presentation skills training consultant for six years.

After those projects, we trained Scott’s VP of Sales and Marketing. We went on to train the group of Scientists who speak about the efficacy of Prolacta’s products. Over time, Scott sent six other team members to our Immersion Workshop in Santa Fe, including his Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, who presents in Washington, D.C. on important regulation, and compliance matters.

We are proud to see Prolacta Bioscience open a new facility in Southern California, develop other product lines, expand into European markets and become a major force in their market.