• <strong>Beth Foist Whitlinger, ASID, CID</strong>
    Wow! What an amazing workshop. I had no idea I relied so heavily on my written script for public speaking. I had the opportunity to use my new-found skills at the Jonathan Club for a fashion show and did not use my customary crutch.

    I will admit to using an outline, but really surprised myself that I was able to get all the information out with only that little prompt. I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes and forcing me to no longer rely on a tool that had actually become a handicap.
    Beth Foist Whitlinger, ASID, CID
    Beth Whitlinger Interior Design, Inc.
  • <strong>Karla Fletcher</strong>
    You and David have equipped me with tips that will transfer in every facet of my personal and professional life. I truly believe this is only the beginning of something new for me. Your workshop was a life-changing experience.
    Karla Fletcher
    Berbay Marketing and PR
  • <strong>Mercy Steenwyk</strong><br>President & CEO
    Thank you, Deborah and David, for a very productive and important workshop yesterday. I have many take-a-ways that I can apply immediately.
    Mercy Steenwyk
    President & CEO
In an intimate setting of no more than eight attendees, this half-day public workshop provides the necessary skills to advance in your business, become an engaging speaker, and be seen as a thought leader in your industry.

These workshops have you up on your feet multiple times to test out new skills, hear feedback from the assembled group (as well as the trainers), and when necessary, do a “take two”. The workshops focus on storytelling, identifying your unique differentiators and how to open any presentation, or devise a compelling elevator speech. We also take requests, and offer tips on overcoming anxiety, movement and preparation.

Attendance is limited to no more than 8 professionals. The fee of $500 includes the workshop led by two trainers, materials, lunch, and your ability to contact the trainers afterwards (via phone or email) for no additional charge.

Check the calendar for upcoming workshops in Los Angeles and Orange County. Whether you’re an experienced service professional, college graduate entering the work force, or reinventing yourself, these Eloqui public workshops are the best option at the best price.