Punk Monkey

While marmoset monkeys sport punk haircuts and crazy ears, they are not related to Homo Sapiens. However, their treatment of their own kind exhibits a level of collegiality and respect that makes us seem like, well, apes.

A new study shows that marmosets follow polite rules of communication, and do not talk over or interrupt others. More astounding is their sense of social organization. Babies are looked after by extended family members. These caregivers share their food with the young and are even more generous when they aren't being observed by the community. This kindness, generosity and self-sacrifice seems to make little sense in the "it's a jungle out there-- every man for himself" ethos embraced by many humans. The little monkey with a primitive brain has developed in ways that often elude us.

For the greater good of our species, let's emulate marmoset empathy, selflessness and polite communication. We've been on the earth about the same amount of time. Let's use that big brain of ours for better communication and cooperation.

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