Push and Pull

Deborah was contacted by Kristin Duerr, Director of Drama and Teacher of Communications/ Speech at Notre Dame Academy. Deborah donated her book, Out Front and conducted an interactive session with Kristin’s class. A mutual admiration society was formed.

For an Eloqui Tip on Motivators, we interviewed Kristin about her methodology. Duerr joked about being a “circus performer,” but described her high energy as vital to being an effective Teacher and Motivator. Duerr also requires participation from the young women in her class.

Leverage the Duerr method with push and pull. She provides tools to organize the students’ material and gives them presentation strategies. Duerr drives her students to face their fears by calling upon them to do impromptu speaking. (the push)

Duerr posts a gallery of inspirational women on the classroom wall. She bans cell phones and opens the students’ minds to the advantages of speaking and the power it gives them. (the pull)

When appropriate, take on the Role of Motivator. Push your team to achieve and then paint the picture of what their achievements will produce. Be a Duerr…

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