Read the Pulse

We recently returned to train outstanding female dentists in the Guiding Leaders program for Glidewell Dental. The dentists’ ambitions were many. Some wanted to do TED talks; expand their practice; improve patient communication and even perform a standup routine about immigrating to the U.S.

During the training, the dentists encountered new and complex communication skills. We watched as they readily applauded and gave valuable insights to their colleagues. They were the perfect audience.

One attendee, we’ll call her Linda had never spoken in front of an audience before. Linda was quite anxious, but her peers buoyed her up and she delivered a funny, seamless presentation.

When David performed in professional theatre productions, the actors tuned into the pulse of the audience, and their performances became a conversation based on an exchange of energy. The best actors and speakers make subtle adjustments based on what the audience gives them. For better presentations, be the Glidewell audience. When you’re in the audience and it’s appropriate, laugh, applaud, and express interest or approval. The speaker is reading your pulse. Give more and get more. You’re on.

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