Road Warriors

This summer, more than 2 million travelers will pass through TSA daily. Nightmarish as that may seem, there are ways to mitigate the pain.

Packing: We only take carry-on bags, regardless of the length of stay. (Lost luggage and waiting is lost time.) Shoes take up the biggest space, especially men’s, so pack multi-purpose footwear, like white tennies which are fashionable now and good for casual, as well as dress… Roll your clothes to gain more space and reduce wrinkles… Take items that can be mixed and matched.

Flying: Pack and take your own food. Fresh, healthy fare is expensive and hard to find. Stay hydrated. Bring an empty water bottle. Most airports have filtered water near the rest rooms. Avoid alcohol. It’s tough on your body and usually mediocre quality... And always take extra chargers for your devices.

Try for an exit row or a seat close to the front in case of short connections between flights. Breathe and rest. If you can’t sleep, read/watch something soothing and get into an alpha state.

At the hotel: bring a handful of post-it notes. They’re handy for covering lights in hotel rooms. Carry plastic bag clamps: great for completely closing curtains and eliminating light bleeds.

Pack healthy snacks: in case of late flights, early meetings or poor-quality hotel breakfasts. And when possible, take your own coffee. Most hotels have junk.

Apply lavender spray to your pillow, take magnesium supplements and/or CBN gummies to ensure you sleep.

Exercise: use the gym or walk outside to mitigate physical/mental stress. Deborah rehearses out loud on the elliptical before a keynote.

Routines have kept us in the game for many years. Going to bed early, eating healthily, drinking lightly, working out and wearing comfortable clothing are your friends. We wish you safe, uncomplicated, and successful travels.

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