Robot Love

3D illustration of dancing robot

A recent episode of “60 Minutes” featured Boston Dynamics. They build mobile robots that do complex tasks. Their robots can even dance: (We dare you not to laugh!)

Will they rule humanity in a dystopian future? “No,” says Marc Raibert, Founder of Boston Dynamics who said that notion is a Hollywood fantasy.

Robots are designed with what Raibert calls athletic intelligence meaning they can climb stairs, avoid obstacles, and traverse difficult terrain. But they have no cognitive intelligence. Don’t expect them to decide if the terrain is dangerous or riff on the Taylor Swift song “Shake it Off.”

The precious thing humans own is agency, the capacity to act independently and make free choices. This is at the heart of all Eloqui training; that you find your own voice and means of expression. What affects agency? Social class, religion, gender, ethnicity, ability, custom and habit.

When preparing a presentation, consider your topic without blinders. Then deliver the piece in your unique style. Take back agency and ownership of all you present. Only then will you exhibit true strength.

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