Rush of Fear

Lighted Halloween Pumpkin Jack o Lantern Wearing Covid PPE Mask On Steps

Around Halloween, the classic horror film Scream is replayed for new audiences. David played Drew Barrymore’s father in the opening sequence, and the mother’s (Carla Hatley) expression of horror is ranked one of the best film screams of all time.

Why are we so attracted to fear and why do we embrace it in our narratives? When we’re exposed to danger, we typically get a rush of adrenaline and endorphins flow. Being threatened or confronted, humans become more physically powerful and more emotionally intuitive. Note the rise of extreme sports and increasingly dark movies and TV shows—Dexter is back!

A critical component in case studies is including the challenge or difficulty your client was facing-- and the calamity they would experience were it not for your intervention. Tap into the thrill audiences get when they vicariously experience fear, and the release when you save them. BOO!

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