Asian business person who is suffocating in business plan

Last week we trained a group of creatives from The Studio. When asked about communication challenges, a few said they felt rusty because they haven’t done many presentations during COVID. And now that they are tasked with speaking live in front of clients, they were nervous. It’s a familiar refrain.

Transition back into the real world slowly. Take a colleague to lunch. Ask how they fared during isolation, what were their greatest challenges and how did they deal with them. During the conversation, practice ACL, or Active Cueing and Listening. When you ask about a challenge or success, probe deeper for details. Repeat back what you’re hearing and summarize at the end of your conversation. You are setting up possibilities for a cross-referral, while brushing up your interviewing/pitching/networking skills. And because there is little business at stake, your anxiety will be reduced.

Other tips: make sure you wear grown-up pants. If you’ve changed sizes, go shopping… Now that you’re driving again, leave extra time. You may be surprised how crowded the roads are... Ditto for airports-- expect delays or cancellations. Build a cushion into your travel schedule. There is light at the end of this long tunnel. Step back into the light and enjoy the warmth.

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