Salmon, Salmon, Salmon

After cruising past our northernmost point above the Arctic Circle, we turned south to head down the coast of Norway. In addition to the beauty of the fjords and resilience of the Norwegian and Saami people, one thing stood out---salmon! At every meal, salmon was served: smoked, grilled, baked, as pate, sushi, and gravlax. We love this fish, but the mind and body begin to rebel at endless repetition.

The same principle applies when speaking. Themes, or easily repeatable phrases can be memorable, but only if they’re fresh and used sparingly. One can only hear at the end of the day, I’m super excited, at this point in time, now more than ever, or it is what it is, so many times before it suffers semantic stretch. Anytime a phrase is overused, it can have the opposite effect of your desired purpose.

The other problem with repeaters is that they end up assigning all your content the same value. Nothing stands out. Nothing is seen as more important than anything else. Salmon became a commodity instead of a special treat. Don’t let that happen to your content.

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