Sand Through the Glass

Facing an upcoming presidential election with a choice between two elderly men, the issue of age takes center stage. But is it chronological age, or the perception of elderly that concerns voters? Time marches on for all of us, so it’s best to be prepared, especially if you want to stay in the game.

Recently, Michelle Cottle wrote in the New York Times about the election and age. She used Betty White as the perfect example of how to publicly age well. Cottle cited the twinkle in White’s eye and her wicked wit, as well as Paul McCartney and Willie Nelson’s cheerful outlook throughout their lengthy careers.

There is always the option of cosmetic surgery. But it’s how engaged you are with your audience, and what value you give them that keeps you relevant. Never fake it, but display energy and warmth in your delivery. With all of your talks, pitches and communications, be present, connected and forward thinking. Perception is reality. At any age, bring your full self to each moment and add some of Betty White’s twinkle.

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