An Eloqui motto is "your whole life is material." We did not invent this concept. In a recent Keith Richards interview, he said that when their song Satisfaction became an inter-national hit, producers demanded another hit in only four weeks. This pressure forced the Rolling Stones to redefine themselves-- not only as performers, but songwriters.

By fine-tuning their observational skills, The Stones honed their ability to quickly produce quality lyrics and music. Every social event or conversation added to their repertoire of themes and stories. In fact, the response to pushy record producers, asking for another hit was the song Heh You, Get off of My Cloud.

Leverage this tool to accelerate your ability to write, speak and present. Re-tune your ear so that every news broadcast, adventure, or client interaction provides fodder for your next open, close, or theme. There's no better way to keep you sharp, and your material fresh and immediate. Do it as a mental exercise, and when you need a hit in four weeks, you'll be nimble enough to produce one.

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