Shrink the Goal

Mark Zuckerberg typically wears a gray t-shirt and jeans. Steve Jobs was known for his black turtleneck and New Balance sneakers. Einstein owned three variations of a gray suit. By simplifying their wardrobe choices, these titans reduced the number of decisions they had to make each day, which allowed them to focus on the important stuff. Because we only have so much bandwidth, decision fatigue affects us all. How can we intelligently allocate our brainpower and be effective when we have so many tasks, responsibilities and obligations?

Shrink the goal. At Eloqui, we tell our clients to identify only one intention when they speak. This mindset shines a light on what they most want to achieve, edits their material, and saves them time, so that their energy is spent only on attaining their goal.

Shrinking the goal also makes it easier for an audience. Too many choices or a vague ask leaves listeners unmoved. However, when a speaker has only one goal, it's clear and they are more persuasive. Consider what's extraneous in your life-- from your wardrobe and social media, to administrative tasks. Delegate, edit, or eliminate them, and in the end, you'll achieve what's most important.

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