Sing Out Sara

beautiful brunette woman looking at herself in mirror

Sara Nelson breaks into song and dances around picket lines to rally the troops. Being blonde, attractive and a flight attendant, is she concerned about her image? Not in the slightest. Nelson happens to be the unconventional President of the Association of Flight Attendants.

Nelson is also a steely negotiator and was instrumental in stopping the U.S. government shutdown in January. Nelson has a direct, unsentimental speaking style, and has energized her union. Not surprisingly, she is a strong contender for becoming the next President of the AFL-CIO.

We see far too many professionals constrained by expectations of how they should comport themselves. They hold themselves back or hew to their industry's starchy view of professional demeanor. But if you elect to live in this safe zone, don't expect to advance as quickly as you might if you choose your own path. Because when you find your voice, lane and style, you speak with integrity. And more importantly, it will be impossible to replicate.

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