Spanish Leather

Group of elegant young people exchanging gifts and smiling cheerfully during Christmas party, copy space

Bob Dylan requested his true love bring him Spanish boots from afar. We've just returned from a vacation in Spain. Our gift to you is sharing the Mallorcan respect for others and directness in their communication. We are so conditioned to Americans avoiding eye contact, that it surprised us when random strangers said Bon Dia, or Ola. And often when we entered a hotel, shop or even a pedestrian crossing, we were acknowledged.

We also noticed how strangers looked us in the eye-- not in an invasive or hostile way, but respectfully and warmly. If asked, they were open to providing directions. It made us realize how isolated, unfriendly or timid many Americans are. So, instead of boots of Spanish leather, let your gift of the season be a renewed sense of respect for and openness to others, signaled by a warm hello and welcoming gaze. Ola! Feliz Navidad!

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