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A group of doctors with face masks looking at camera, corona virus concept.

David recently recorded an audio version of the book The End of Burnout by Jonathan Malesic. The author is on to something. Last year, over 38 million workers left their jobs in the U.S. This poses a huge problem for businesses that need to continuously retain, motivate, and attract talent. Looking over Malesic’s comprehensive research, we considered how communication skills could reduce this problem going forward.

Malesic boils down the causes of burnout to Emotional Exhaustion, Cynicism (being callous, or depersonalization of patients/clients/co-workers) and Feelings of Ineffectiveness or lack of personal accomplishment. These conditions are especially prevalent in the medical field. His insights prompted us to reach out to our own health care professionals and tell them how grateful we are to receive their essential services. Our comments were greatly appreciated.

Do the same with team members. Specific and heartfelt acknowledgments go a long way to lessen this burnout epidemic. It begins with your words and how you deploy them. In return, you’ll gain loyal employees and increased productivity. The bonus is that you may lessen your own feelings of burnout and enjoy more positive relationships with clients.

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