Spring Forth

Pink cherry blossom flower

In Northern New Mexico, spring has finally hit its stride. Pink, white, purple and yellow blossoms festoon the high desert. Birds careen from building nests and breeding to constant feeding. The new moon appeared Tuesday, signaling time to plant. It’s an opportune moment to tap into that energy and expand your repertoire.

Eloqui is training pitch skills to a number of firms so they can rebuild their financial health after COVID. Many struggle with changing their customary approach, which is to begin with the history/story of their firm, their clients and how great they are. Then, just like their competition, they walk through a PowerPoint deck. No wonder their hit rate is anemic.

Step into spring and reframe your approach to business development, fundraising, and sales. Focus first on the client’s needs, then deliver your presentation or pitch using a simple outline to keep you on track. Own your narrative and be the change agent in the room. It will feel as fresh as spring breezes, and you will experience the excitement that positive change brings.

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