Stan the Man

Stan Lee, co-creator of Marvel Comics, died recently in Los Angeles. He was an American original, born of Romanian Jewish immigrant parents. In old-school fashion, Lee worked his way up from filling inkwells and delivering sandwiches to running a giant multimedia corporation.

As an artist/illustrator, Lee hated producing comics with perfect heroes, which was the norm. When he was about to quit altogether, his wife Joan suggested that he follow his heart. So, Lee developed flawed characters and spoke to issues of the day, like the Vietnam war. Because his stories and dialogue were naturalistic and believable, Lee's Marvel Comics broke the mold and audiences overwhelmingly responded.

To be truly effective, throw out the norm and speak from what you know and believe. A genuine voice is a creative one. Be unabashed and truthful. Follow your passion and you will inspire and motivate others. People respond well to stories and speakers who are genuine; in tune with their own style. You will not please everyone, but you will find your audience.

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