Steppin’ Out

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Kate Middleton and Prince William recently hosted a large charity event. (Queen Elizabeth was unable to attend because of poor health.) What did the royals wear? Kate chose a long, sapphire-colored blue gown with spare jewelry. The blue projected calm and communication. William’s navy suit with white shirt suggested a uniform and stability. They were showing the world they were “King and Queen-ready.”

Eric Adams was recently elected Mayor of New York City. Adams is strategic about how he presents himself. His signature look is a simple, tailored suit with a plain shirt, no tie. But he adjusts his wardrobe to each fundraiser, charity event, or community talk. For his acceptance speech he wore a crisp white shirt with cufflinks. Clear of purpose and ready to work was his message.

A recent study states that 85% of our perception, learning, cognition and activities are mediated through vision. This means that what we see enables us to arrive at an appropriate motor or cognitive response. So, by the time you walk on stage to speak or approach someone to shake their hand, your audience has already made many assumptions and decisions about you simply based on how you look.

Be strategic when you step out to speak. One definition of integrity is the state of being whole. For wardrobe, that means having your visual appearance be aligned with your message. Be comfortable, authentic and purposeful. Lookin’ good!

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