Stone of Thrones

One of Croatia’s most popular sites is Dubrovnik. Constructed in the 12th century as a fortress, the remarkable limestone walls lining this city are beautiful as well as protective. However, with a surge in tourism, up to 10,000 people a day traipse through the location where Game of Thrones is filmed. With that kind of use and abuse, even stone takes a beating.

We noticed a distinct difference between the Old Town walls and some of the buildings inside and around Dubrovnik. When the walls are clean– without cracks, and featuring a pale colored grout that blends seamlessly with the stone, the structure has integrity. It presents a unified ‘face.’ But other structures have not aged as well. Darker grout has been applied haphazardly and deep cracks remain.

Like the walls, communication and presentation skills need to be constantly maintained and cared for. With changing styles or venues, sometimes speaking skills need to be entirely renovated. But it’s how you do it that matters. The care and finesse you apply will determine the outcome– one that has integrity, or one that is hastily cobbled together and flawed.

Don’t blow up the building, or there’s nothing left to appreciate. Examine what you have of value, like good storytelling, clear diction, or enthusiasm. Then shore up your shortcomings. Weave new skills into your current strengths, and you will become an attraction worth visiting.

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