Stop Apologizing

A universal teeth-grinder is when reps from AT&T, United Airlines, Restoration Hardware or many other companies apologize when you call in for tech or customer support. Whoever teaches this kind of backward communication needs a new playbook. Do they assume we care how they feel? Are they really sorry, or are they reciting a script they were taught? Time is of the essence, and we want solutions, not fake apologies.

The latest, 'scripted' sales technique is to upsell during the fix. We've been in the middle of a call with AT&T about slow Internet speed, when the technician tried to sell us family plans, or services we didn't need. Did this salesperson really think we're viable customers when we're already having problems with their service?

Take these gripes into consideration when prepping your presentation. Yes, during your communication, displaying empathy for client challenges can be effective. But primarily you want to be seen as a problem solver or fixer, the Ray Donovan of your business. Feature language that makes you appear as an agent of change, not a helper or robot. Describe how you partner with your clients to create new strategies. And through examples, show how your tactics and unique insights drive business or growth.

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