Storybook Ending

Gold medal with "2021", blue red and white ribbon is attached to the medal in a box on blue background

Track and Field star Allyson Felix returned to the Tokyo Olympics at age 35 after enduring a difficult pregnancy and facing daunting odds of winning a medal.

Behind the headlines lies a richer story. After Felix’s childbirth, her sponsor Nike proposed a 70% pay cut. Felix dropped them and signed with Athleta.

She also used her voice to testify before Congress on inequalities and child mortality rates in the black community. Felix told a compelling story and was instrumental in Nike changing their policy on female athletes and contractual agreements tied to childbirth.

Felix took a stand, displayed the courage of her convictions, and used her time in the spotlight to make her sport better for other athletes. You too can speak out and when your moment comes, use your voice for more than commerce. Real success is the front and back of your business card. It’s who you are, what you believe in, and what you contribute to society.

What was the outcome for Felix? After participating in five consecutive Olympics, she won a total of eleven medals (seven Gold). Felix is now the most decorated track and field athlete of all time. Add to that, she has the respect of her fellow Olympians and the world community.

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