Summer Daze

jack russell dog surfing on a wave , on ocean sea on summer vacation holidays, with cool sunglasses and flower chain

During a recent visit with friends from L.A., we watched as the morning sun lit up the Jemez mountains. The coffee was steaming in the crisp air, as the birds flew in for breakfast. Aromas from our roses wafted over us. But our colleagues were wired to organize, strategize, and accomplish. One of them said, “Are we being lazy? Are these the summer doldrums?”

Maybe. But don’t miss the opportunity to shift gears. Business during the summer doesn’t run at the furious pace as in other seasons. Yet, we can gain so much in terms of outlook, which affects all our communication and presentations.

Open up, relax, visit friends or relatives and if you’re lucky, spend time outdoors. Cities and their noise grind on us, affecting everything from our sleep to our nerves. But the quiet of forests, cool flow of rivers, and peacefulness of mountains nourish our spirits, so we can gather new insights and ideas for speaking. Don’t grow up; enjoy your summer like a kid.

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