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Prior to Super Tuesday, Taylor Swift sent a message to her 282 million followers. Swift didn’t advocate for either U.S. political party, but she encouraged her Swifties to vote. It was a risky move in this divisive climate. Yet, how inspiring for a young person to courageously stand up and speak out. And Swift’s comments are especially timely this March, Women’s History Month.

You may avoid speaking out, fearing a potential backlash. Or, you may ignore politics, thinking it doesn’t affect you. But for those who uphold our Constitution, rule of law and two-party system, voting is a not only a right, but our civic duty as American citizens. Democracy is fragile, as we witness the rise of dictators worldwide and its dark repercussions.

Fear of speaking out can also affect you in business. If you hide your unique perspective, you do a disservice to yourself and your colleagues. We don’t advocate misreading the venue and delivering a barnburner political speech at a company retreat or quarterly meeting, but never let fear dampen your expressiveness or keep you from distinguishing truth from lies.

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