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We hope you've been successful implementing our recent tips on remote sessions. But even after learning technical skills and communicating well, there is more you can do to master this medium. Like everything else in business, follow-up is vital.

IF you choose to utilize live demos or PowerPoint in your remote session, practice without them first. You want to minimize any hiccups. Then, rehearse so that technology doesn't stall you, or you spend too much time referring to, or g-d forbid, reading your slides.

When incorporating PowerPoint, use a lean deck we call the Presenter Deck. The text-rich version is your Leave-Behind Deck that you can send later. Give one key take-a-way per slide and ask questions to keep the attendee(s) engaged. The "chat" function is perfect for this.

As the Host, you can also record the remote session, especially If you have conveyed technical information. Note: the free Zoom version allows recording to your computer, while the Pro version allows you to record to the Cloud.

Keep a clock nearby and never go over your allotted time, unless the client requests it. With 5-10 minutes remaining, ask if there are any questions or items you have not addressed.

When the session is over, send a thank you via email or text with an overview of what was discussed and the actions you have both agreed to take. Enjoy this new medium, and don't stress if it isn't perfect. Most of us are learning, just like you.

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