Terra Incognita

For each New Year, we embark on an adventure. A place of rare beauty is Dinosaur Hollow-- (not it’s real name) private lands in Northern New Mexico that are otherworldly. Hoodoos abound and there are no marked trails. You have to find your way as the dinosaurs did. Reading the landscape enhances your sense of wind direction, cloud movements and birdsong.

Situational awareness is defined as tuning into the details of your environment. Professional stage actors develop this skill performing eight shows weekly. Each audience has a different energy, response time, and connectivity to the material. It can also be the key to delivering compelling presentations. Having a solid take on your audience increases your odds of success.

Pull away from cubicles or small screens and walk, in cities or open space. Listen for sounds and pay attention to sights unique to that environment. Leverage that heightened awareness when you speak. Feel the energy of the audience and respond accordingly. This will keep you from becoming extinct.

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